Bulgaria is an awesome place to visit in my opinion. They have all four seasons, mountains, beaches, city life, history, and culture! Doesn’t matter which season you prefer or what you like to do, I can guarantee Bulgaria has something for everyone.. Here are some of my photos from there….



Somewhere in the mountains!




Varna Catherdal




Cooking outside with friends, this is what Bulgarians call “Цър Пър” pronounced “Cur Pur”



Sozopol, Bulgaria. This place has a new and old part of the city which is really interesting to see!




The cathedral in Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria



perperikon peperikon

The ancient Thracian city of Perperikon




The ancient theatre of Philippopolis, a historical building in the city center of Plovdiv




shipka bg 08 203

Shipka, a town in the center part of Bulgaria





The Ivan Vazov National Theatre



kiten kiten1kiten2

Kiten (Beach) Bulgaria, Probably my most favorite place in the world!! ❤




Nesebar,  an ancient town and one of the major seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast





Just rowing around on a lake!





Stara Zagora center





Trigrad, a village in Bulgaria with beautiful mountain views!





Golden Sands, a northern beach in Bulgaria





Ahtopol, a town and seaside resort in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, near the boarder of Turkey!

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