Be Part Of Our Team!

Want to become part of the team, but worried about your experience level? Not to worry, we have some of the best training out there to help you get to the level you want to be, no matter where you are starting from! Check out one of our training sessions from Bangkok  and my personal training session in Orlando Florida January 2016 (10 year anniversary of our company) below!


My Personal Training Experiences:

June 2015 Regional Training-London

Regional trainings are smaller and held frequently in many different places and conveniently located for you to get there, packed with invaluable information to help you succeed, no matter what level you are currently at! See my training below! Trainers-George Georgiou & Starvos Zenonos

20150620_173424   20150620_162134   20150620_16190420150620_161727   20150620_131832


August 2015 BootCamp-Barcelona

BootCamp trainings are bigger and held in many different locations and are designed to help you break out and become a top earner! Here is where we learn with Marc Accetta and his line up of the most experienced and successful people in our company! Check out my experience below! Trainers- Marc Acetta, George Georgiou, Michael Jex, & Lorenzo Roybal

20150726_125638 20150725_092024 20150725_144507 20150726_080558 20150726_090928


August 2015 “Super Saturday”-London

Smaller group training with only a day to absorb alot of information! Trainer- Efrosyni Adamides

20150822_112148 20150822_153824

20150822_154810 20150822_123301


September 2015 Regional Training-London

Smaller group training around 300ish people, plus we had special guests from Corporate to announce something awesome that will be happening locally! Can’t wait!! Trainers- Attila Bognar & Dave Baird

20150919_104324 20150919_172640


January 2016 United Training-Orlando Florida

Huge event, 10 year anniversary of the company. 22,000 in attendance! We filled up the convention center and then took over Epcot Park… Imagine what the next decade is going to look like! Announced some epic products they are working on that will be done by the end of this year, plus they’re working on even more products/services that were not announced yet!! Trainers- Jeff Bolf, Byron Schrag, Sir Erwin, James Lee, Janie Braun, Kari Schneider, Matt Morris, Savvas Christofi, Devraj Soojay, & Ed Blunt

20160116_231115 20160117_100002 20160117_200931 imagejpeg_0_4

Get in contact with me, and I’ll help you get started!



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