2 Days Of Driving

Dear Followers,

I know I’m extremely late on posting this, so I do apologize and hope you guys can forgive me! We drove 2 days straight with only 3 hours of sleep (the driver, my husband) while I got almost no sleep. We stopped on the highway in Austria to sleep, but unfortunately was terribly cold after awhile and every-time I would move, the car alarm would go off! What luck I know haha. Anyway was fine, I do like trips, but next time I want to sleep somewhere properly AND stop off to see some different cities. You know how husbands are (men in general) how they love to get there non-stop! Any-hew, enjoy the pictures below! 😀

UK-Dover, Ferry and France:

dover Ferry 10418499_1624499127837682_6340008455771375098_n  France 12072684_1624510547836540_4157848724265057985_n

Germany, Austria, Serbia:

Germany Autobahn 12096379_1625300057757589_5820341406265714189_n Nish serbia

Destination Bulgaria!

Sofia Bulgaria 12115972_1626592167628378_7463947631041867563_n Burgas


6 thoughts on “2 Days Of Driving

  1. Right now it’s sunny and bit chilly, but not so bad. It had been rainy a few days ago for about 2-3 days, but sooo happy the clouds are gone and it’s back to being sunny! 😀 At the moment in Yambol, not sure if you ever heard of it?


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