Why Did I Get Involved?

Have you ever took a look at your life and thought “How did I get here?” or  “I hate my life right now”? Well I got to a point where I was asking those same questions. I hated my life, job, living situation, my location, just everything in general.

I was born and raised in good ol’ Virgina, USA and some how I ended up living in London, UK. I’ve worked many jobs in the past, but my most recent was being an office admin for a real estate. I had only been in that paticalar job a few months, but I had been in the UK almost 3 years and I decided to go back to Virgina for a few months to take a break from life. I went home for 4 months, then went to Bulgaria (my husband is from there) to renew my ID card and ended up staying 2 months there.

The whole time I was away from England, my ONLY thoughts were… “I do not want to go back, I don’t want to sit at the desk 6 days a week” I’ll be honest and say I complained much of the time I was back in VA, but did little about it, but then when I got in Bulgaria that’s when I DECIDED I HAVE to change something, otherwise I will be stuck in a place I really  don’t care to live in, will be living with numerous other folk, and be stuck at a job that wasn’t bringing any joy to my life.

So I got serious with my business because I longed for FREEDOM (I had a taste of it when I was “escaping from life” for 6 months) and I really didn’t want to go back to waking up to the alarm clock. I wanted to be free financially, as do most people.  I wanted to travel the world! I wanted to help my parents and pay back everything they did for me thru the years, wanted to help my parents in law. I wanted to retire my husband from his back breaking job! So many things I wanted and now slowly but surely I’m getting them!

I am a believer of dreams and I believe in network marketing as a whole. This industry can give anyone in the world an opportunity to live out their dreams, no matter how big or small. Networking gives you an opportunity to truly have the time and freedom that most people are looking for and a chance to get out of the “normal 9-5 rat race.” It also gives you a chance to help change other peoples lives for the better! I believe my particular company is my forever home because not only of the fact that I can travel and experience things on my bucket-list with them, but because of the leadership in this company; they work so much on personal development to get their reps to become the person who can lead a team to success. Why give all that up to go back working for someone else, trading my time for a lousy paycheck? In my heart I know I’d never truly be happy doing that. I’d rather build this business, leading a strong team. I have a vision of our team being known for the one that duplicates and succeeds the most; the one where our members are continuously getting recognized on stage for their work. The team that goes on the most vacations together, one that changes the people who get involved, not only by creating a better life-style, but to become a better person, (just like it’s doing to me).

If you have a desire like I do, then why not do something about it? Get your freedom back, get back control of your life, stop worrying about the bills, food, if the car breaks down, ect…

I’m building an empire and if you want on this success team, contact me and  we can help change your life for the better!

4 thoughts on “Why Did I Get Involved?

      • It is good. In the blogging community there are different awards that are given out to get people interested and familiar with your blogs. Moreover, some let your readers get to know you and you get to brag on your readers in some. It helps you broaden your readers (bloggers/ followers) as well.

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  1. Marie your book The Journey from invisible to legend in Network Marketing is a must read for anyone who wants to be in network marketing or to own their own business. This will help them to find their why in life. This book will also help them to never give up on their self and to never stop pushing forward to what ever goal they want to reach. I give your book 5 stars it was awesome.

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